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The Miriam Press: We take great joy in being able to include the titles of The Miriam Press, few though they are for now. The Miriam Press, publishing arm of the Association of Hebrew Catholics, was founded to develop a Hebrew Catholic literature, to develop a resource center of literature from other publishers, and to promote Hebrew Catholic authors. We look forward to publishing additional works by our founder, Elias Friedman, OCD and many others.

Book selections: Some of the books that we carry are by non-Catholic authors. We include these because of the valuable information they provide, the important questions they raise, or the contribution they make to understanding and living our faith. We identify the religious affiliation of these authors since the views expressed in their books are not always consistent with our Catholic faith. We exclude books that we judge will confuse people or that undermine our Catholic faith. Please let us know if you discover a problem with any of the books we carry.

Book sales: When a book price is reduced, it will generally remain on sale until we sell our last copy.

Featured books: Under this heading, we will identify one or two books that we would like to bring to your attention. With the opening of our store, it is fitting that we present a book imported from Australia, Andrew Sholl recently published. It is fitting because Andrew worked with Elias Friedman, OCD in the

founding of the Association of Hebrew Catholics. And this is Andrew's story. Andrew currently lives with his wife Penny in Queensland, Australia. Click to see a book review written in the magazine AD2000 and to order this book.

For your attention: This heading will serve to bring you news about the store or to solicit your response. For now, we ask your help in notifying us of any problems you discover or experience. Though our facilities are simple, we want them to be useful and informative. So, please, do not hesitate to send us your thoughts.

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